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Boboli Girls Lace Skirt BOBOLI Girl's Lace Skirt, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 46.00
Sale CDN$ 32.20
Boboli Girls Mandala Print Skirt BOBOLI Girl's Mandala Print Skirt, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 41.00
Sale CDN$ 28.70
Boboli Girls Cropped Sweatshirt BOBOLI Girl's Cropped Sweatshirt, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 48.00
Sale CDN$ 33.60
Boboli Girls Two-tone Romper BOBOLI Girl's Two-tone Romper, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 60.00
Sale CDN$ 42.00
Boboli Girls Shorts wit Eyelet BOBOLI Girl's Shorts wit Eyelet, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 44.00
Sale CDN$ 30.80
Boboli Girls Stretchy Denim Pants BOBOLI Girl's Stretchy Denim Pants, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 38.00
Sale CDN$ 26.60
Boboli Girls Chiffon Plisse Dress BOBOLI Girl's Chiffon Plisse Dress, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 96.00
Sale CDN$ 67.20
Boboli Girls Beach Towel BOBOLI Girl's Beach Towel, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 43.00
Sale CDN$ 30.10
Boboli Girls Beach Backpack BOBOLI Girl's Beach Backpack, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 26.00
Sale CDN$ 18.20
Boboli Basic Tights in Pink BOBOLI Girl's Basic Tights in Pink, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 20.00
Sale CDN$ 14.00
Boboli T-shirt with Heart BOBOLI Girl's T-shirt with Heart, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 30.00
Sale CDN$ 21.00
Boboli Pleather Jacket BOBOLI Girl's Pleather Jacket, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 88.00
Sale CDN$ 61.60
Boboli Stone Wash T-shirt BOBOLI Girl's Stone Wash T-shirt, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 40.00
Sale CDN$ 28.00
Boboli Faux Fur Jacket BOBOLI Girl's Faux Fur Jacket, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 88.00
Sale CDN$ 61.60
Boboli T-shirt with Ruffles BOBOLI Girl's T-shirt with Ruffles, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 36.00
Sale CDN$ 25.20
Boboli Pleather Pants BOBOLI Girl's Pleather Pants, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 60.00
Sale CDN$ 42.00
Boboli Faux Fur Coat BOBOLI Girl's Faux Fur Coat, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 110.00
Sale CDN$ 77.00
Boboli Ruffled Skirt BOBOLI Girl's Ruffled Skirt, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 62.00
Sale CDN$ 43.40
Boboli Combination Coat BOBOLI Girl's Combination Coat, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 127.00
Sale CDN$ 88.90

Boboli Girls Clothing

Thoughtfully embroidered details and expressive prints on comfortable fabrics make Boboli clothes (and the girls who wear them) stand out from the rest. Even the everyday essentials like jeans and tees feature appliques and graphics full of personality, so girls can proudly show off their personalities. Known for being as durable as they are artistic, Boboli clothes are made to help kids embrace who they are.

Boboli, the lively Spanish clothing brand for kids, was founded in 1984 and is family owned and operated to this day. Today, Boboli releases more than 700 clothing styles a season in more than 150 dashing prints - and owns 100 percent of the process of bringing their original designs to life. For everyday essentials like girls’ embellished jeans or a seasonal wardrobe that’s sure to stand out, bold girls love Boboli. Shop the full collection of casual day wear and party clothes for girls online at Moncouturier!