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Creamie Girl's Ajour Knit Pullover CREAMIE Girl's Ajour Knit Pullover, Sizes 4-14

Price: CDN$ 51.00
Sale CDN$ 35.70
Creamie Girl's Slim Fit Sweatpants CREAMIE Girl's Slim Fit Sweatpants, Sizes 4-14

Price: CDN$ 49.00
Sale CDN$ 34.30
Creamie Girl's Embroidered Blouse CREAMIE Girl's Embroidered Blouse, Sizes 4-14

Price: CDN$ 62.00
Sale CDN$ 43.40
Creamie Girl's Long Terry Cardigan CREAMIE Girl's Long Terry Cardigan, Sizes 4-14

Price: CDN$ 59.00
Sale CDN$ 41.30
Creamie Girl's Sweatpants in Navy CREAMIE Girl's Sweatpants in Navy, Sizes 4-14

Price: CDN$ 46.00
Sale CDN$ 32.20
Creamie Girls Oversized Vest Erin CREAMIE Girls' Oversized Vest Erin, Sizes 7-14

Price: CDN$ 88.00
Sale CDN$ 35.20
Creamie Girls Top Wanda CREAMIE Girls' Top Wanda, Sizes 6-14

Price: CDN$ 66.00
Sale CDN$ 19.80
Creamie Girls Denim Pants Evelyn CREAMIE Girls' Denim Pants Evelyn, Sizes 7-14

Price: CDN$ 88.00
Sale CDN$ 35.20
Creamie Girls Party Dress Daisy CREAMIE Girls' Party Dress Daisy, Sizes 6-14

Price: CDN$ 132.00
Sale CDN$ 39.60
Creamie Girls Flared Skirt Dea CREAMIE Girls' Flared Skirt Dea, Sizes 6-14

Price: CDN$ 66.00
Sale CDN$ 19.80
Creamie Girls Tulle Skirt Joy CREAMIE Girls' Tulle Skirt Joy, Sizes 6-14

Price: CDN$ 95.00
Sale CDN$ 28.50
Creamie Girls Tulle Dress Tanja CREAMIE Girls Tulle Dress Tanja, Sizes 6-14

Price: CDN$ 109.00
Sale CDN$ 43.60
Creamie Girls Tulle Dress Louise CREAMIE Girls Tulle Dress Louise, Sizes 6-14

Price: CDN$ 98.00
Sale CDN$ 39.20
Creamie Girls Logo T-shirt Coral CREAMIE Girls' Logo T-shirt Coral, Sizes 6-14

Price: CDN$ 50.00
Sale CDN$ 20.00
Creamie Girls T-shirt Bridgitte CREAMIE Girls' T-shirt Bridgitte, Sizes 6-14

Price: CDN$ 65.00
Sale CDN$ 26.00

Creamie Girls' Clothing

Creamie clothing has a hip selection of fun girls’ fashion ready for any season or occasion. We invite you to explore this line of colourful and well-crafted garments, including leggings, scarves, hats, sarongs and fashion t-shirts. Choose a Creamie special-occasion dress and finish the look with accessories, or let your girl mix and match to showcase her own style! Separates like Creamie sweaters and cardigans are just as ideal for a nice day out as they are for playing outside and hanging around the house.

When little girls dress up in Creamie kids’ clothing, they can express themselves with personalized flair by choosing from a wide array of colors and patterns. Creamie girls’ accessories are priced to meet your fashion budget. Order one of these unique garments today!