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Boboli Girls Printed Raincoat BOBOLI Girl's Printed Raincoat, Sizes 2-10

Price: CDN$ 81.00
Sale CDN$ 40.50
Boboli Girls Plaid Coat BOBOLI Girl's Plaid Coat, Sizes 6-16

Price: CDN$ 116.00
Sale CDN$ 58.00
Boboli Girls Faux Fur Jacket BOBOLI Girl's Faux Fur Jacket, Sizes 6-16

Price: CDN$ 99.00
Sale CDN$ 49.50
Mayoral Girl's Felt Coat MAYORAL Girl's Felt Coat, Sizes 4-9

Price: CDN$ 120.00
Sale CDN$ 90.00
Mayoral Girl's Faux Fur Coat MAYORAL Girl's Faux Fur Coat, Sizes 4-9

Price: CDN$ 105.00
Sale CDN$ 78.75
Mayoral Girl's Hooded Plaid Coat MAYORAL Girl's Hooded Plaid Coat, Sizes 4-9

Price: CDN$ 114.00
Sale CDN$ 85.50
Mayoral Girl's Reversible Puffer Coat MAYORAL Girl's Reversible Puffer Coat, Sizes 4-9

Price: CDN$ 115.00
Sale CDN$ 86.25
Mayoral Girl's Pleather Jacket MAYORAL Girl's Pleather Jacket, Sizes 4-9

Price: CDN$ 78.00
Sale CDN$ 58.50
Nano Girls  Jean Jacket NANO Girls' Jean Jacket, Sizes 2-12

Price: CDN$ 52.00
Sale CDN$ 26.00
Mayoral Junior Girl's Trench Coat MAYORAL Junior Girl's Trench Coat, Sizes 8-18

Price: CDN$ 95.00
Sale CDN$ 71.25
3Pommes Girls Hooded Parka Coat 3POMMES Girl's Hooded Parka Coat, Sizes 5-14

Price: CDN$ 131.00
Sale CDN$ 65.50
3Pommes Reversible Coat 3POMMES Girl's Reversible Coat, Sizes 4-12

Price: CDN$ 161.00
Sale CDN$ 80.50
3Pommes Shiny Metallic Jacket 3POMMES Girl's Shiny Metallic Jacket, Sizes 5-14

Price: CDN$ 109.00
Sale CDN$ 54.50
Nono Hooded Parka NONO Girls Hooded Parka, Sizes 4-14

Price: CDN$ 180.00
Sale CDN$ 72.00
Nono Leopard Printed Jacket NONO Girls Leopard Printed Jacket, Sizes 4-14

Price: CDN$ 170.00
Sale CDN$ 68.00
Nono Quilted Puffer Coat Navy NONO Girl's Quilted Puffer Coat Navy, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 170.00
Sale CDN$ 68.00
Nono Short Puffer Coat Pink NONO Girl's Short Puffer Coat Pink, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 160.00
Sale CDN$ 48.00
Nono Sweatshirt Jacket NONO Girl's Sweatshirt Jacket, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 116.00
Sale CDN$ 34.80
Nono Faux Fur Jacket NONO Girl's Faux Fur Jacket, Sizes 4-16

Price: CDN$ 116.00
Sale CDN$ 34.80

Girls’ Winter Coats , Snowsuits & Accessories

Keeping your girl warm all through the winter and cold fall and early spring days doesn’t have to mean covering up her sense of style and individuality with a coat that’s all function and no fun. Why not opt for girls’ puffer coats with panache instead? Girls’ snowsuits and puffer coats from brands like Deux Par Deux are unmatched in style and design, whether she’s building a snowman, or hitting the slopes on a ski trip, or play outside on clod or rainy day. At Moncouturier, the girls’ winter jackets in our selection feature embellishments, bright colours and exciting prints as well as classic neutral tones. Shop for girls’ winter coats with fur for flair that retains heat around the face and ears. No matter whether the girl in your life loves vivacious prints or neutral hues that go with everything, complete the look with girls’ winter accessories such as a warm hat and gloves.