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Desigual Denim Jacket Pencas Desigual Dress Annapolis Desigual Dress Lilongue Desigual T-shirt Alberta
Desigual T-shirt Katrina in Navy Desigual Denim Skirt Granollers Desigual Denim Suspenders Shorts Vidal Desigual Denim Pants Morillo
Desigual T-shirt Nuevomexic Desigual Leggings Bael Desigual Windbreaker Jacket Parodia Desigual Dress Olympia
Desigual T-shirt Eriosyce Desigual Denim Shorts Abad Desigual Sweatshirt Poe Desigual Dress Natalia
Desigual Romper Osezno Desigual T-shirt Madagascar Desigual Leggings Floral in Navy Desigual T-shirt Katrina in White
Desigual Sweatshirt Cela Desigual Dress Asmara Desigual Dress Albany Desigual Dress Charleston
Desigual T-shirt Earwig Desigual Shorts Western Desigual T-shirt Maryland Desigual Denim Pants Guayaba in Red
Desigual Denim Pants Guayaba in Blue Desigual Leggings Floral in Yellow Desigual T-shirt Chilayo Desigual Leggings Frutipan
Desigual Leggings Floral in Fuchsia Desigual Leggings Floral in Red Desigual Leggings Floral in White Desigual Leggings Floral in Black
Desigual Denim Jacket Xavier Desigual Sweatshirt Jurgen Desigual Boys Polo Marino Desigual Boys T-shirt Lenny
Desigual Boys Denim Shorts Gerard Desigual Windbreaker Jacket Andrew Desigual Sweatshirt Joan Desigual Boys Polo Turquesa
Desigual Boys T-shirt Angel Desigual Boys T-shirt Joanna Desigual Boys T-shirt Manolo Desigual Boys Sweatshorts Baseball
Desigual Boys Denim Pants Dylan Desigual Boys T-shirt Droide Desigual Boys T-shirt Stars Desigual Boys T-shirt Incredible
Desigual Boys T-shirt Comic Desigual Denim Dress Bamako Desigual Shirt Denim Desigual T-shirt Yukon
Desigual Denim Pants Pascal Desigual Dress Banjul Desigual Knit Dress Sofocles Desigual Tights Guayaba
Desigual Sweatshirt Becket Desigual Sweatshirt Boccacio Desigual Pullover Gabo Desigual T-shirt Kansas
Desigual T-shirt Dalotadel Desigual Skirt Calders Desigual Leggings Cross Fushia Desigual Pants Baiji
Desigual Dress Mogadiscio Desigual T-shirt Utah Desigual T-shirt Virginia Desigual Sweatshirt Cervantes
Desigual T-shirt Wisconsin Desigual Skirt Granollers Desigual Leggings Araza Gray Desigual Ralph Ellison
Desigual Shirt Beagle Desigual Denim Pants Gomez Desigual Dress Buyumbura Desigual Skirt Badalona
Desigual Purse Tamarindo Desigual T-shirt Minnesota Desigual Skirt Fumanya Desigual Leggings Cross Black
Desigual Girls' Purse Tamarindo
WAS: $75.95
NOW: $45.57
Desigual Jacket Pitaya Desigual Backpack Papaya Desigual Jacket Azalea Desigual Tights Guamuchil
Desigual Girls' Backpack Papaya
WAS: $99.95
NOW: $59.97
Desigual Pullover Henrick Desigual T-shirt Pensilvania Desigual Denim Pants Maestre Desigual Sweatshirt Cela
Desigual Sweatshirt Gogol Desigual T-shirt Rodhe Desigual Dress Luanda Desigual Sweatshirt Euripides
Desigual Shirt Affenpinscher Desigual T-shirt Arizona Desigual Denim Skirt Aiguafreda Desigual Denim Pants Abad
Desigual Dress Lansing Gray Desigual T-shirt Raleigh Black Desigual T-shirt Raleigh Gray Desigual Skirt Gelida
Desigual Dress Uagagudu Desigual T-shirt California Desigual Skirt Artes Desigual Tunic Connecticu
Desigual Denim Pants Bumann Desigual Hat, Scarf and Gloves Set Desigual Boys Coat Games Desigual Boys Denim Jacket Circulo
Desigual Boys' Coat Games, Sizes 4-14
WAS: $189.95
NOW: $123.47
Desigual Boys Sweatshirt Franck Desigual Boys Hooded Pullover Sanson Desigual Boys Plaid Shirt Radish Desigual Boys T-shirt Sebastian
Desigual Boys Coat Romero Desigual Boys Sweatshirt Enrique Desigual Boys T-shirt Lion Desigual Boys T-shirt Urbano
Desigual Boys' Coat Romero, Sizes 4-14
WAS: $189.95
NOW: $123.47
Desigual Boys Plaid Shirt Surfer Desigual Boys T-shirt Lenny Desigual Boys T-shirt Henry Desigual Boys T-shirt Robert
Desigual Dress Luanda Desigual Sweatshirt Euripides Desigual Blouse Affenpinscher Desigual T-shirt Florida
Desigual T-shirt Arizona Desigual T-shirt California Desigual T-shirt Arkansas Desigual T-shirt Colorado
Desigual Denim Shorts Abad Desigual Skirt Aiguafreda Desigual Dress Tunez Desigual Dress Kampala
Desigual Blouse Basenji Desigual T-shirt Edmonton Desigual T-shirt Whitehorse Red Desigual T-shirt Whitehorse Lime
Desigual Skirt Tanganament Desigual Dress Nairobi Desigual Dress Malabo Desigual T-shirt Indianapolis
Desigual Leggings Araza Navy Desigual Dress Franckfort Desigual Dress Jackson Desigual T-shirt Oshawa
Desigual T-shirt Ottawa Desigual Skirt Tona Desigual Jacket Puqui Desigual Dress Fargo
Desigual Dress Anchorage Desigual Dress Birminghan Desigual Jumpsuit Grebe Desigual Knit Cardigan Grass
Desigual Blouse Salchicha Desigual T-shirt Lluvia Desigual T-shirt Hakunamatata Desigual Leggings Mashmallow
Desigual Jacket Menta Desigual Sweatshirt Gabriel Desigual Shirt Olas Desigual T-shirt George
Desigual Boys' Shirt Olas, Sizes 4-14
WAS: $85.95
NOW: $55.87
Desigual T-shirt Fermin Desigual T-shirt Joseba Desigual T-shirt Pere Desigual T-shirt Lirio
Desigual Shorts Montkseal Desigual Denim Shorts Indigo Desigual Swim Shorts Banador_Break Desigual Denim Shorts Fernan
Desigual Denim Skirt Gargalla Desigual T-shirt Angel Desigual T-shirt Tomas Desigual T-shirt Tomas
Desigual Shorts Baseball Desigual Jacket Romero Desigual Sweatshirt Jeff Desigual T-shirt Lion
Desigual Shirt Mask Desigual Shirt Surfer Desigual Shorts Tenis Desigual Denim Shorts Red
Desigual Boys' Shirt Mask, Sizes 4-14
WAS: $89.95
NOW: $58.47
Desigual Denim Shorts Dark Desigual Sweatshirt Luis Desigual Sweatshirt Jurgen Desigual Polo Marino
Desigual T-shirt Freddie Desigual T-shirt Jhon Desigual T-shirt Ringo Desigual T-shirt Lenny
Desigual Bikini Rayitas Desigual Swimsuit Organic Desigual Purse Rambutam Desigual Sweatshirt Eliot
Desigual Girls' Purse Rambutam
WAS: $75.95
NOW: $49.37
Desigual Dress Rouge Desigual Top Lowa Desigual T-shirt Maryland Desigual Skirt Balsareny
Desigual Girls' Top Lowa, Sizes 5-14
WAS: $65.95
NOW: $42.87

Desigual Online Shop at Moncouturier

Desigual clothing for kids really expresses the creativity and energy of children. Known for their graphic prints, patchwork designs and bold colors, Desigual kids clothing is for young ones that like to live out loud.

We have dozens of Desigual items for both boys and girls. To learn more about a particular piece of clothing or accessory, click on the item description or image. The individual product pages will provide you with details such as the available sizes and colors, the materials used and additional images that can be enlarged to give you a closer look at the item.

Still have questions or can’t find the Desigual clothing that you’re looking for? Please contact us by phone or email and our customer care department will be happy to help.

Desigual for Girls

Desigual clothing for girls features many eye-catching pieces. Their clothing is perfect for the girl who loves color and isn’t afraid of wild prints.

Sizes for Desigual girls clothing ranges from size 4 to 14.

Desigual for Boys

Desigual clothing for boys is created with cool prints and pops of color. The pieces are laid back and comfortable but still have a style all their own.

Sizes for Desigual boys clothing ranges from size 4 to 12.

Desigual for Kids Sale Items

At Moncouturier we also offer a number of Desigual for kids sale items. Visit our sale section to find discounted Desigual kids clothing for both boys and girls. Desigual pieces that are currently on sale for up to 40% off include sweatshirts, pants, skirts, accessories and more.

About Desigual Kids Clothing

Desigual is an innovative design house based in Barcelona. The company has been making high quality clothing for men, women and children since 1984 and has grown dramatically in the last 10 years. Each year Desigual designs a new collection based off of a certain concept, sometimes collaborating with well-known partners such as Christian Lacroix and Cirque du Soleil.

Desigual kids clothing collections always have radically optimistic outlook with great emphasis on color and graphics. The clothes are comfortable, sturdily made and durably finished. Kids are encouraged to have a good time, be thrilled, play, feel, enjoy and be bold with Desigual!

At Moncouturier we carry Desigual for girls in sizes 4 to 14, as well as Desigual for boys in sizes 4 to 12.

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